Dear Students,
Student diary has been planned to enable you to live a planned life”Plan your work first and work upon the Plan.” It will help you to lead a planned life style.

Fix study hours at home . Always read the home work questions and instructions carefully before you start your home work. Remember, home assignments have weightage for your promotion to the next class.

Develop a habit of revising your lessons regularly. It will help you in long run. Student diary contains useful information also, which you should note down and make a proper use of it. You must bring diary every day to the school & maintain it carefully.

Always remember, ”Work is worship”

Class Teacher


  • Parents must attend to child’s progress for overall development
  • Always have a check on friendship of your child. A good friend promotes the progress & personality. Try to become the best friend of your child.
  • Always find & spare time to spend a quality time with your child. Always remain careful about the health of your child.
  • The food given in Tiffin Box must be clean as well as nutritious & water bottle of the child should contain clean drinking water.
  • The notebooks & Books of the child must be maintained and properly arranged.
  • Check the notebooks &work books every day to ascertain child’s regularity & Systematic Completion of class work & home work.
  • Parents should not give any gift to the school staff.
  • The fees should be deposited in the school before 10th of every month to avoid the charge of the late fee.
  • If there is any complaint , the same should be conveyed to the principal.
  • “Shradhawan Labhate Gyanam” , Therefore- avoid criticism of elders & teachers in front of the Child.
  • Always keep in mind – The Various facts of child’s personality are team spirit , self confidence supporting aptitude , initiative taking ability and the proper use of leisure time. Your role in shaping the personality of the child is equally important.


Dear Students,
Education of the child is the joint responsibility of both of us. To undertake this responsibility there is a need of perfect harmony and understanding.

Please go through the student diary and fill up the desired information. These information are of vital use in the best interest of the child. Please comply with the instruction regarding regularity , dress , books , discipline , personal hygiene and dues etc. please direct your child to bring this student diary to the school on all working days. Student diary provides necessary link between us.

I hope this communication Booklet will establish a cordial relation in sharing this joint responsibility. Looking forward for your sincere co-operation.