Admission Policy

  • Admission is given purely on merit , regardless of class, caste,creed or community.
  • Admission test is conducted for English , Hindi & Maths/Science out of the Syllabus of one class lower only in care of admission to higher classes.
  • Admission form is required to be obtained in advance from the school office & transfer certificate countersigned by appropriate authority of education department is essential for admission in any higher class.
  • Date of birth certificate issued by the appropriate authority is required for admission in pre- primary classes.

Other Rules


attendance of a student should not be less than 75% in the whole academic session.


A child may be granted leave in very special case by the principal. The Leave application Should be sent to school on the same day or latest by the next day duly signed by the Parents / Guardian of the child. No leave shall be sanctioned during test and examination Days except on medical ground for which a medical certificate from competent medical Authority has to be produced.


If a student remains absent for more than 10 days without any information , his her name Will be struck off from the roll.